Quick & Easy Checklist!

For those of you who like it quick and easy!You shouldn't stay with us if you like:
  1. Crowds and traffic jams
  2. Crowded hotels, shops, restaurants & beaches
  3. Paying more than you should for your vacation accommodations to stay in the highly marketed and "Trendy" locations
 You should stay with us if:
  1. Seeing Kauai's Natural Beauty is important to you
  2. Sunsets and uncrowded beaches bring a smile to your face
  3. You prefer to "Stay" in the sunshine and "Visit" Kauai's Tropical Rainforests
  4. Beach bonfires, BBQ's, and S'mores are a lost love
  5. High threadcount linens and high quality finishes give the comfort of home and enhance your vacation
  6. You like the thought of "Classic Hawaii" better than "New Hawaii"
  7. The Beach, Ocean, and Mountains are your playground (or you want them to be!)
 Ok, so were a little biased. How could we not be? West Kauai speaks to your soul.  If our "Quick and Easy" checklist above even partly describes your desires, we're confident that you will agree with our past guests in having our Kauai accommodations exceed your expectations.

 Our guests appreciate our close proximity to Waimea Canyon, Kokee State Park, Polihale State Park, Polihale Beach, endless Kauai Hiking, and practically every outdoor type of Kauai activities.

 Remember!  You can access all of Kauai within 90 minutes driving from our location.  Being on the Southwest side of Kauai we enjoy the best weather; only 15-20 inches of rain a year.  Conversely, the opposite side receives about 85 inches a year.  You get the best guarantee of weather on your trip and can schedule visiting Kauai's tropical rainforests when the weather cooperates.

 We hope to see you soon!