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Check in location
-I thought our cabin was in the Mountains? Why does the map show Waimea? - Our Check in Desk is located at 4469 Halepule Rd, Waimea 96796. This location is on the way to the cabins at sea level. We can better serve our guests here with access to the conveniences of town.

 Cabin utensils/appliances list
-What?s in the kitchen? Coffee Maker? Toaster? Plates/Silverware/etc? - While due to breakage/etc. the amounts may vary, we strive to provide following in each unit:
? 8 plates/bowls/glasses/spoons/forks/knives
? Basic utensils-spatula/mixing spoon/can opener/sharp knife/bottle-wine opener
? 2 mixing bowls
? 2 skillets/ 1 boiling pot/ 1 sauce pan/ 1 cutting board
? Toaster and Coffee Pot
? Electric/Gas Stove with Oven
? Microwave
? Refrigerator/Freezer
? Dish soap/ Sponge / Cleaning supplies

 Where do we get supplies?
-Waimea and our office is 25 mins scenic drive to the cabins. Waimea has most supplies anyone would need. For example: Two Grocery Stores, Gas Station, Police/Fire Station, Full Hospital, Restaurants, etc.

 How old do I have to be to rent? Are there special Conditions of Rental?
-We require all rentals to be completed by a person of 25 years or older and this person must stay at the Cabin with the guests. We will check your ID when you arrive and if you are not of age, you will be subject to the cancellation policy. This late cancellation usually means we will not be able to re-rent your unit and you will forfeit your rental payment.
-We expect ?Quiet Enjoyment? by all guests. If we receive a noise complaint, you will likely be required to vacate and be responsible for any losses in rental due to your actions.
-Please leave the cabins in good condition when you vacate. You can expect to be billed for any excessive cleaning or damage. All decisions made by the management on this issue are final.
- If you exceed the maximum advertised capacity without prior approval, you can expect to be ask to vacate the property. Normal cancellation policies apply in this case.

 What is the TV/Internet/Cell Service like?
-This is an ?Off the Grid Location? ? ON PURPOSE!!! Seriously, we did discuss bringing technology to the site and decided it is not in character with the Koke'e Experience. There is no TV; no phone; no WIFI; and no Cellular Service. There is a Payphone at the Restaurant and you can get Cellular Signal about 5 minute drive down the hill.

 What time can I check in/ check out?
-You can get your key at our Waimea location as early as 8am. Your Cabin will likely be ready around 3pm. This affords you the time to spend the day in the park before going to your cabin. Check out of the Cabin is by 11am and key drop off in Waimea by 5pm.

 How do I get to the Cabins? Do I need 4X4?
-Check-in map/instructions are provided at our Waimea office at check in- The Cabins are accessed by State Highway 550. It has recently been resurfaced and is in excellent condition. You can expect a short, easily accessible dirt/gravel driveway to your Cabin. Driveways are anywhere from 30 to 100 yards long.

 I made a reservation and it still shows available on the website???
-We have a few of some types of units. This means we can have your reservation in place and still show another as being available. Don?t worry!

 You have a two night minimum but only one night is available? Or ?I only need one night?
-We provide one night stays if that is all the schedule allows or the date is a week or less in the future.

 I need to check in after the 5pm. What is the procedure?
-Please contact us and we will set you up with afterhours check-in instructions.

 What happens if we have an Emergency?
-You should understand that Emergency services are provided in Waimea Town, a 30 minute drive down the hill. You can expect normal emergency services at this point. If this is a problem for your group, please stay in one of our in town units. We will always help if we can.

 Are kids allowed?
-Of course- One of our goals is to bring your family closer by providing for unforgettable experiences! We strive for a family environment at the Cabins.

 What are the office hours? Can you help us with activities/recommendations?
-Our Waimea office is open 7 days a week from 8-5. We go out of our way to help you maximize your fun! Please come with your wish list of to-do items and we will give you our insider/expert advice.

 How far to cabins from Waimea / Lihue / North Side/ South Side
-Our Waimea office is 35 minutes from Lihue and the airport. The Cabins are 30 minutes from Waimea. The North side is back towards Lihue- 90 minutes. The South Side is 25 minutes from Waimea.

 Are Linens/Etc provided?
-Yes we provide bathroom towels and make the beds. 1 additional blanket per bed is also provided in the unit. Bathrooms include our preferred Papaya scented soaps and shampoos. If your group needs new towels frequently or specialty items such as hair dryers/etc. Please plan to bring these items with you.

 How much firewood do we get?
- The Cabins are heated by wood burning stoves. We have exceptional quality Kiawe wood bundles for purchase. Most Hawaii residents would only use this wood for cooking due to it?s exceptional burning characteristics. This wood burns slow and hot and is perfect for wood burning stoves. We have determined that 1 cubic foot of wood per night provides enough heat in most occasions and will last about 3+ hours. If you want to burn more either for fun or other reasons, please plan on purchasing additional bundles at reservation or check in.